Working out on Kratom

Working Out On Kratom

People use Kratom for different reasons but a lesser known application is working out on Kratom. Although Kratom has been around for a while, more and more people are finding different uses for it. What’s great about Kratom is that it can be used as a pre-workout or for recovery. We’ll give you some insight on why you might want to consider working out on Kratom.

Kratom As A Pre-Workout

Pre-Workout Kratom

When taken at low doses Kratom can have energy boosting properties. This can help you find the motivation to start your workout. You will want to avoid taking high amounts of Kratom since it can have sedative properties; which is not good for working out. Also, high amounts of Kratom can potentially make you not feel muscle strains until way later. Therefore, low doses of Kratom is a better option when using it as pre-workout. However, you want to make sure you stay hydrated during your workout. This is to help prevent any muscle cramps or dehydration especially if it’s your first time working out on Kratom.

We recommended taking anywhere between 2 – 5 grams of Kratom before a workout. However, even if your tolerance levels are high you’ll want to take a low dosage for a workout. When you’re working out your body is breaking down the Kratom to get energy. Therefore taking just a little bit can go a long way; which gets your blood to circulate and metabolize at a faster rate.

Pro Tip: Take Kratom 40 minutes to an hour before a workout for best results.

Post-Workout Kratom

Post-workout Kratom

Due to the fact that when you take Kratom at a higher dosage it can produce sedation-like feeling; taken after a good workout can be ideal. A lot of bodybuilders use Kratom or CBD post-workout for different reasons. It is very important to drink more water than you normally would after a workout on Kratom. Another reason why Kratom is ideal for post-workout is the stimulant feeling you get from low dosages. This is great if you’re planning to start your day with a workout; a low dosage of Kratom is ideal to give you the right motivation for the day.

A good amount of post-workout Kratom is 5 – 7 grams depending on your tolerance. If you’re still new to Kratom we don’t recommend taking more than 5 grams. Make sure you eat something before taking post-workout Kratom in order to avoid any negative side effects. Although we love taking Kratom any time of day it is important to map out your Kratom intake. This is to avoid taking too much at one time; Also, following the less-is-more rule.

Consider Working Out Using Kratom

Work Out on Kratom

We recommend you try Kratom first before using it to workout. You’ll want to experience how your body reacts to Kratom for best results. If you’ve never used Kratom before we recommend checking out our – How To Start Taking Kratom blog. This will give you insight on what to know about Kratom before you start taking it. We believe Kratom is great for workouts but just like anything you’ll want to consume it in moderation. What ends up happening is you’ll develop a tolerance and will need to increase your dosage. However, many people use it for working out from body builders to athletes.

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