Why Kratom Batches Are Different

Why Kratom Batches Are Different

We understand how frustrating it can get trying to find a consistent strain of Kratom. You can purchase one strain of White Maeng Da from one company; only to find it disappointing from a different company. However, there is no one answer as to why Kratom batches are different. Therefore we decided to give you some insight on why this occurs in the first place and what you can do.

Different Strains of Kratom

You may have taken a certain amount of Kratom and it be perfect; but also have taken that same amount from a different brand and have found it be disappointing. You then find yourself trying different strains to get the perfect amount of Kratom. If this is you then you’re not alone! We find this happens because vendors don’t have quality control over their Kratom.

The Kratom arrives from Southeast Asia and no one is there to check the Alkaloid contents of the products. Therefore you get different strains of Kratom that are not consistent. Although this can occur to any company there shouldn’t be a huge jump between batches. Also, the quality of the strains depends on many factors from the growers. If there is no one to monitor this entire process it turns into a recipe for inconsistency.

How To Navigate Through Inconsistency

Now that we know why inconsistencies happen it’s time to find out what you can do about it. You might have a preferred dosage that you like to take. If you find that the amount you normally take wasn’t enjoyable you might feel guilty about increasing the amount. Also, you may think that your tolerance levels have gone up but it might just be the batch of Kratom. So increasing the amount of Kratom you take might not be a bad idea.

Try taking the same amount of Kratom that you normally take first. If you find that the amount you took is not enough then increase by a gram or two. You should wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before deciding to increase the amount. The reason is you don’t want to encounter any unwanted side-effects. Once you find the perfect amount we recommend sticking to it for that batch. If you start to feel any side-effects then you might be taking too much so we recommend taking less.

Does Where You Buy Kratom Matter_

Does Where You Buy Kratom Matter?

This is one of those yes and no answers because you want to make sure it’s a reliable vendor. The quality of the Kratom doesn’t necessarily come from the vendor but from their source. It doesn’t matter if you purchase Kratom from a local shop or online. The only real way to know you’re receiving quality products is by trying it yourself. The exception is if the vendor has the alkaloid and mitragynine levels labeled on the product. The reason you don’t see this often is because this process can get expensive. So in order to pass on savings a lot of companies don’t do these extensive testing.

You are able to purchase Kratom from head shops, or online retailers and get good quality. In contrast, you can also purchase the same Kratom from that vendor and it is not of great quality. This all depends on the batch that they are selling during that time. When we say quality we are referring to the amounts of Kratom you have to take for it to be enjoyable. The potency is what you get from good quality Kratom.

Why Kratom Batches Are Different

The quality or potency of the Kratom can vary between strains or companies. Now that you know why Kratom batches are different you now know what to do. This is why a good company will have consistent Kratom available from a reliable source. Keep in mind that a bad batch can happen to any company. What matters is if it’s a constant problem and the vendor is not doing anything about it.

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