when to take a kratom tolerance break

When To Take A Kratom Tolerance Break

Taking Kratom is a great experience but what happens when it no longer becomes enjoyable. Many experienced Kratom users find themselves taking high amounts of Kratom in order to find that sweet spot. Your body eventually builds a tolerance for Kratom and it no longer feels the same. So, realizing that it’s time to take a Kratom tolerance break is important for you to reset your body. We will be going over strategies you might want to consider if you’ve found yourself in this position.

Deciding When You Need A Break

We always encourage first time users to start off with 3 – 5 grams of Kratom. A lot of experienced Kratom users find themselves taking 16 grams per sitting; this is so they feel what they first felt when they started taking Kratom. In other words, they are taking up to 48 grams of Kratom a day. This can quickly turn into an expensive habit and chances are it’s not hitting you like it use to. In addition, increasing your dosage will just keep building your tolerance making it harder to reset.

We often talk about the – less is more – approach. This means that taking less Kratom will help you feel more of that great feeling Kratom gives you. Getting back to that point is important because you’re no longer getting that great feeling. If you find yourself having to continually increase your dosage you may need to take a break. We understand that you may take Kratom for different reasons; but taking a break from Kratom might not be as bad as you think.

Starting Your Tolerance Break


It’s easier for people who take Kratom for recreation versus those who take it for a specific reason. Although, you might feel some discomfort from stopping your normal Kratom consumption; we recommend taking a break for 3 – 4 days first to see if that does anything. If you are able to go for 30 days that would be ideal. If for whatever reason you start to feel discomfort that is unbearable then tapering a dosage is probably best.

The hardest part of starting your tolerance break will be the first 3 days. Especially if you’ve been taking Kratom for years and have a high tolerance. You will want to consider the reward of resetting your system; to where you don’t have to take such high amounts. These are suggestions to consider but if you start to feel discomfort do what is best for you. When you start taking Kratom again we recommend the beginners approach; which is taking 3 – 5 grams of Kratom then working your way up.

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We strongly believe in Kratom and feel that it’s a wonderful product. However, we know  taking high doses can strain your wallet and be not so pleasant. You should consider taking a break if you’ve been taking Kratom for many years to reset your tolerance levels. Increasing your dosage will increase your tolerance. You could start by tapering the amounts you take or go cold turkey for a while. You will experience some discomfort but you will feel the Kratom a lot better. Please take caution and do what your body is telling you when you take a Kratom tolerance break.

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