The Insider’s Guide to Kratom

The Insiders Guide to Kratom

When you first start taking Kratom there are a lot of do’s and don’ts you’ll eventually learn. Do your research before taking Kratom and don’t just get one person’s opinion. Throughout our own journeys we begin to find what works for us and what doesn’t; as the old saying goes – hindsight is 20/20. Here is the insider’s guide to Kratom of things we wished we knew beforehand.

Kratom DosageKratom Dosage

If you talk to a person who has been using Kratom for a while; chances are they’re taking anywhere between 10 – 15 grams of Kratom a day. As a beginner you might feel the need to take this much. This is NOT a GOOD IDEA due to the fact that your body is not used to that amount. This could result in some negative side effects such as vomiting, dizziness, etc. Therefore, we recommended starting off with 2 – 3 grams of Kratom on your first try. This is about 4 – 6 Kratom Capsules, or you can choose to measure it yourself if you have Kratom Powder. You will want to give it about 30 minutes to an hour if that amount didn’t satisfy you.

If 2 – 3 grams is good then stick with that amount; However, if you feel you need more then add 3 more grams if your first dosage was 2 grams. If your first dosage was 3 grams then you can take an additional 2 grams. You don’t want to surpass more than 5 grams on your first try, although 5 grams is pushing it. Another insider’s guide is to never take Kratom on an empty stomach especially if it’s your first time. Try to eat something light before taking it to avoid it hitting you extra hard resulting in negative side effects.

Tolerance Breaks

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Once you’ve taken Kratom after a certain amount of time you’ll eventually start to develop a tolerance. Usually when this happens people start to increase their dosage. The problem with this is training your body to develop an even higher tolerance. Instead of increasing your dosage you can slowly taper the amount you take in order to reset your tolerance. This can be useful especially if you find yourself taking high amounts just to feel how you first did. However, you can experience some discomfort but it’s beneficial in the long run.

What most Kratom users end up doing when starting a tolerance break is elongate the times between doses. If you normally wait 6 hours between doses, wait 7 – 8 hours. Eventually you can turn this into days and even weeks. If you decide to go more than 1 day we recommend taking less Kratom to see if that’s enough to satisfy you. When taking Kratom you’ll want to follow the less-is-more rule. Once you reset your body’s Kratom tolerance it’s not a good idea to take high amounts any longer. Therefore, consider taking less to feel more of the effects, less-is-more.

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Insider Kratom Knowledge

Other insider Kratom knowledge includes enjoying the taste. Don’t ever feel that you’re not taking it the right way if it’s not bitter. A lot of people don’t enjoy the taste so they opt out for capsules instead. However, if you have Kratom powder it’s ok to mix it with water, sugar, and other liquids. This doesn’t affect the quality unless you boil it, which we don’t recommend. If you do decide to drink it as a hot tea make sure the water is warm but not boiling. Anyway where you’re able to enjoy the taste is ideal but there are some exceptions.

There are a couple of methods that we don’t recommend although they are popular. The reason why we don’t recommend these methods are due to the choking hazard. These choking hazard methods include – Toss and Wash – Parachuting – and other non-capsule methods of swallowing powder. The Toss and Wash method includes getting a scoop of Kratom powder and throwing it in your mouth and swishing water. This can be dangerous due to clumps that can get stuck in your throat causing you to choke. Also, the Parachuting method is very similar.

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