How To Start Taking Kratom

How to start taking Kratom

The popularity of Kratom has been on the rise these last couple of years. However, misinformation about Kratom has also been on the rise. With so much information floating around about Kratom it can be difficult to start taking it. Therefore, we decided to come up with this informative blog on how to start taking Kratom. You’ll learn about what you need to know before you start taking it, dosages, and what to expect.

Before You Start Taking Kratom

Before You Start Taking Kratom

Although Kratom is amazing we don’t want you to be in the dark about it’s realities. You’ll first want to determine why you want to start taking Kratom. If it’s for recreational purposes or if it’s for something more specific. Taking Kratom for recreational purposes is great because you can increase or decrease the amounts you take. You’ll want to first develop your alkaloid tolerance which we’ll be covering more about later on. Also, you’ll want to find a strain Kratom that you feel comfortable with. To determine what is the best Kratom for you you’ll have to try different strains; and figure out which one you enjoyed the most.

If you’re taking Kratom for other reasons aside from recreation you’ll want to do a little more research. If you’re taking medication you’ll want to ask your doctor if Kratom will counteract with your medication. For example, it’s never a good idea to mix Kratom with depressants or sedatives. This can lead to serious medical problems, and you’ll want to avoid mixing opioids. If you feel safe taking Kratom while taking medication then the next step is figuring out your tolerance level.

Kratom Dosage

Kratom Dosage

Now that we’ve determined what you need to figure out before you start taking Kratom; it’s now time to determine what is your Kratom dosage. Unlike other recreational drugs, when it comes to Kratom, less is more. This means that you will first have to develop a tolerance before you start taking large amounts. However, you want to keep your dosage low and increase over time as needed. A person typically starts to develop a tolerance between 2 – 3 months after they start using Kratom.

A typical Kratom dosage for first-time users is about 2 – 3 grams. If this amount isn’t satisfying then we recommend taking another 2 – 3 grams after 30 minutes. So the first total amount of Kratom taken should be no more than 5 grams. You’ll want to avoid taking it on an empty stomach or too much at one time. You could have some unwanted side effects if you take too much your first time. We want your first time to be enjoyable so it’s best to avoid taking too much your first time. Keeping in mind, less is more!

What to Expect From Kratom

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One thing to remember about Kratom is that it’s a tool to utilize and not a miracle drug. This means that everyone reacts differently to Kratom; your experience may be different from what you read on the internet. We do not recommend using Kratom to help or treat any medical condition or addiction. However, many people have shared their personal experiences and have great things to say about it. With all these good things that come out of Kratom you can start to build a dependency. It’s no surprise since Kratom is in the same family as coffee. The way you know you’re becoming more dependent is if you start to drastically increase your dosage.

If you find yourself increasing your Kratom dosage more and more than it’s good to take breaks. One of the ways people start to rebuild their tolerance is by spacing their dosages. This means if you take Kratom every 6 hours then try taking it every 7 hours. Keep doing this until you’re able to go a day, then eventually a couple of days. You’ll have to figure out which tapering method works best for you. Also, this will help you rebuild your tolerance levels to be able to get the same experience using less.

How To Start Using Kratom Guide

How to start using Kratom Guide

In conclusion, Kratom is an amazing product that we fully believe in. However, there are certain things you want to consider before you start taking Kratom. You’ll want to consider what a good Kratom dosage for you is. Also, knowing what to expect from Kratom is really helpful because you’ll want to be prepared. Millions of people use Kratom and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

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