How To Sleep When Taking Kratom

How To Sleep When Taking Kratom

Kratom has many desired characteristics that makes it ideal for some cases. However, you might find it hard to sleep if you take a certain dosage. So, a question that we would like to answer is how to sleep when taking Kratom. You’ll find that the dosage, strain, and time of day that you take it matters.

Kratom Dosage

Kratom Dosage

Kratom, when taken at a low dosage can have an energetic effect. This is the reason many weightlifters take it as a pre-workout. Also, many people like to take it when starting off their day. However, it might not be wise to take it right before going to bed. You’ll find the alkaloids in Kratom to have similar effects as coffee; this is because they come from the same plant family. Therefore, if you take a low dosage of Kratom before going to bed you might find yourself unable to sleep. There are some ways to avoid sleepless nights from Kratom; this is especially true if night times are the only times you can take it.

What we recommend is slightly increasing your dosage in order to trigger its sedative effects. You’ll want to be careful and not increase too much because it can cause unwanted side effects. What we mean by increasing your dosage slightly is maybe by 1 or 2 grams. However, if you’re not comfortable increasing your dosage you’ll want to explore other methods instead; this includes changing up the strains or even the time of day that you take it.

Try Different Kratom Strains

Different Kratom Strains

If you find you get too much energy from one strain we recommend changing it up. Instead of going with Red Maeng Da before bed try Green Maeng Da. Each strain has different characteristics and traits that might not give you the same effect. Although alternating between strains won’t make a significant difference, it’s best to see how you personally react to it. If you don’t feel a difference with a different strain then that’s ok; but if you do then it may be worth taking that specific strain at night. Unfortunately, this method works for some people but it might not work for others.

Kratom strains tend to vary depending on different factors. Also, the strains get their names from the color of the vein on the leaf. So, a red vein Kratom leaf will produce a Red Maeng Da strain. Therefore, potency between strains can vary depending on harvest time, and batches. This causes different strains to have different effects depending on their potency. You’ll have to figure out which strains give you the results that you’re looking for.

Time Of Day To Take Kratom

Time of Day To Take Kratom

Now, if you don’t feel comfortable increasing your dosage or trying different strains then what time of day you take Kratom matters. We understand that schedules change or it may be difficult sticking to a time on the weekdays or weekends. However, as we mentioned earlier you have to think about it as taking a cup of coffee. For some people – if they drink a cup of coffee too late in the day they’ll have troubles sleeping. The same concept applies to Kratom. If you know your dosage amount or strain tends to increase your energy than take it earlier in the day.

This doesn’t apply to everyone because just like coffee, some can drink it right before they go to sleep. However, if you’re one of the many people that tend to have problems sleeping due to Kratom; we recommend taking it earlier in the day to avoid any issues. One thing we strongly recommend is avoiding mixing Kratom with sleep-aids. This can cause complications because your body can become too relaxed. Therefore, we strongly urge you never to mix Kratom with any illegal or over the counter sleep-aids. You either pick one over the other but never take the 2 together.


How To Sleep When Taking Kratom - Conclusion

If you’re one of the people that gets energy from Kratom alkaloids, you’re not alone. Many people also get the same reaction and take advantage by taking it as a pre-workout. However, not being able to sleep because of you took Kratom is not what many people like. We recommend either slightly increasing your dosage, rotating between strains, or changing up the time of day that you take it. We want you to get the best experience out of Kratom; if you don’t have this issue then good for you! Unfortunately, many people do so we wanted to share these tips.

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