How To Make Kratom Work For You

How to make Kratom work for you

People who take Kratom really enjoy the stimulation it provides. It has many great properties such as alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and other qualities. In order to get the best results you must follow the basic principles of Kratom. Therefore, we came up with some tips on how to make Kratom work for you. This involves knowing the right dosage, the quality of the Kratom, and your tolerance.

The Right Dosage For Kratom

  The Right Dosage For Kratom

It might be tempting to take a lot Kratom your first time around in order to get the full experience. The problem with this is that you might feel some negative side effects; this can include vomiting – headaches – constipation – and other side effects. Finding the right balance is very important especially if it’s your first time. When taken in low doses Kratom can cause better energy flow; this is why some people love to use it as a pre-workout. However, when taken at higher dosage it can cause sedative properties. The only way to find the happy medium is by experimenting with what dosage you are comfortable with. A lot of first time-users get discouraged to find out it’s not wise to binge on Kratom. Like everything else that exists – too much of anything is bad for you.

According to a study conducted by the Kratom Coalition – People who took between 1 – 5 grams experienced better energy. However, people who took between 5 – 15 grams felt Opioid like effects; this increased the risk of side effects. People who reported taking 15 grams or more felt sedation but severely increased the risk of serious side effects.

Kratom Dosage

Low to moderate1 to 5 gramsIncreased energy and focus
High5 to 15 grams• Opioid like effects
• Increased risk of side effects
Risky> 15 grams• Sedation
• Increased risk of serious side effects

Source: Healthine

Our recommendation is starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing the amount. This can take a couple of months for you to increase your dosage or when it longer feels the same. For first time users we recommend reading – A Guide For First Time Kratom Users – blog.

The Quality of Kratom

A big factor that helps Kratom work for you is the quality of the Kratom you are taking. When you find quality Kratom – a little goes a long way. This is due to the high alkaloid content; as Kratom ages it tends to lose its potency causing the consumer to take more to feel it’s effects. Therefore, we recommend sourcing your Kratom from a reliable vendor. The quality of Kratom can vary from the brand, strain, and batch. However, the price tag on the Kratom can play a crucial role in the quality of the Kratom; but this is not always the deciding factor. If a vendor is trying to get rid of old Kratom through clearance sales, chances are you might not be getting quality. However, a classic marketing tactic to get you to buy their product is coupons and other discounts.

One of the ways to check if your Kratom is good quality is by feeling the texture. When it’s higher quality Kratom it will be less rough and more of a fine powder. Also, this will tell you that the Kratom was grounded using proper machinery and was not done by hand. Another thing to consider is that there shouldn’t be a scent to the Kratom. If there is an artificial smell to your Kratom this can be an indicator that it’s low quality. There should be no artificial smell to your Kratom – only a neutral, leaf scent.

Kratom Tolerance

Kratom Tolerance

Your Kratom tolerance will go up in time as your body adjusts. We like to compare this to a cup of coffee, the more coffee you drink the less effect it has on you. Eventually you go from having 1 cup of coffee to 2 -3 cups a day. This goes the same for Kratom, your low dosage no longer has the same effects so you will gradually increase the amount of Kratom you take. However, there are certain strategies you can follow to avoid this or fix this. You can taper the amount you take – instead of 5 grams cut back to 4 grams. If you feel that you are able to cut off a day or 2 then that’s something you might want to consider. Once you reset your tolerance you’ll be able to enjoy less Kratom to feel it’s effects.

We understand that not taking Kratom for a certain amount of time may cause some discomfort. However, this might be necessary if you find yourself taking high amounts and not feeling anything. We want to make sure you enjoy the Kratom and not feel a certain way because it’s no longer feeling the same. Check out our – When To Take A Kratom Tolerance Break – blog to learn more. This is a great way to get you back on track to enjoy Kratom again if you are experiencing this.

Enjoying Kratom

When you first embark on this journey into Kratom there will be many trial-and-error moments. However, we come up with these blogs to help guide you through to get the best out of our products. This includes educating about dosages, quality, and tolerance levels. Feel free to follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list for discounts and special offers.

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